Please make a quilt using ONLY 2½-inch strips. NO other size pieces may be used, but you can sew 2½-inch strips together to make borders, blocks (as long as they measure 4, 6, 8, 10 inches FINISHED) etc. This can be a wall hanging or a full sized quilt. NO pieces in the quilt can be smaller than 2½-inch by (1-inch, 1½-inch, 2-inch) as long as one measurement is 2½-inches. These are UNFINISHED measurements.

There are numerous patterns available in magazines, on the internet, etc. If you are adventurous, make your own pattern.

Appliqué can be done, as long as what you put your appliqué on is made using 2½-inch strips.

I am hoping this challenge will inspire the quilter as well as the seasoned quilter. You can make a quilt or wall hanging as simple or as complicated as you wish using a 2½-inch (Jelly Roll) pattern, I am hoping to see creations, big or small, simple or complicated, from each member of our guild. Let’s fill up the walls of the Hartsville Museum where our quilts will be on display during the summer months.

Please feel free to contact Beth Twedell, Joan Goodsell or Ray Vance if you have any questions.

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